FLAME TECH® Acetylene Tip

SKU: 0-1-101
$ 6.50

Flame Tech V Style Acetylene Cutting Tips

Single Piece Cutting Tips Compatible with Victor® Products

   Cutting Tip Naming Conventions: Size - Series - Type
   ex: Size 0 - Series 1 - Type 101

  • Single Piece Premium Cutting Tips
  • 100% Flame Tested in the USA for Great Performance
  • Copper Shells Machined from Solid Bar Stock (Not Tubing) to last up to 3 Times Longer
  • Extra Heavy Duty Shell Tip designed to take More Abuse
  • Larger diameter decreases preheat time and maintains the cut on painted or rusty surfaces
  • "V" Splines allow better flow of gas, resist clogs and are easier to clean

Flame Tech cutting tips are engineered to OEM specifications for a direct replacement at a better price. Scorpion tip cutting tips feature an improved seating, solid copper outer shell, and larger diameter internals for increased durability and time saving performance. Get faster cutting speeds, narrower kerfs and spend less time preheating with a Flame Tech Scorpion Cutting Tip! 

Model:0-1-101 (SIZE 0)

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