Roughneck P2 Hard Cap, 8 Point Ratchet, P2A

SKU: 280-P2ARW01A000
$ 44.99
Honeywell Fibre-Metal® Roughneck P2 Hard Caps

Product Details:
Fibre-Metal® Roughneck caps with the SuperEight suspension are the industry standard for heavy duty protection
Built for strength: toughness and durability, Roughneck cap style hard hats offer exceptional impact and crack resistance and surpass many performance tests
Available in two versions to meet a variety of workplace conditions, Roughneck caps are built to provide exceptional crack resistance and handle hard knocks in the toughest places
The P2A series tolerates heat up to 370° wile delivering a long service life under many adverse conditions
The P2HN series is designed for high performance at extremely elevated temperatures up to 500° in these extreme environments, air circulating over the sweatband lowers the temperature inside the cap.

Quick-Lok Attachments for Helmets and Faceshields

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