Sand Star Wire Wheel

$ 8.99
  • Ideal for precision and quick cleaning of steel surfaces.
  • The tightly twisted and knotted wire wheel brush ensures fast bead scale removal.
  • Designed from superior quality the wheel brush is durable and highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.
  • Features both crimped and straight wires of steel for dry and wet abrasive action.
  • Ideal for removal of material, flash, rust, paint, cleaning weld bead, deburring, deflashing, edge blending, skiving and buffing, specifically cleaning stringer bead welds.
  • 4" Stringer Bead, 30 knots, .020" Carbon Steel.
  • Has 7/8'’ trim, 5/16" Face width, 5/8''-11 Nut, MSFS 20,000 RPM
Size:1 PCS

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