Stepped Pipe Wedge

SKU: 2130
$ 37.50

The Fit Up Pro Stepped Wedge is a patent pending design that
merges two tools into one. A pipe wedge can be used to
pry, push and pull pipe in many applications, while a pipe
gauge is used to insure proper gap dimensions pre-weld.
The Stepped Wedge accomplishes both functions in one
tool. Many other features and uses make this a must
have tool for the pipe fabricators toolbox. Additional
feature is the wedge’s stainless-steel construction
material. That means the pipe fabricator can use the
wedges in steel or stainless-steel fit-ups, and the
stainless steels hard surface lends itself to extended use.
Please note, product is compromised once used on steel



  • Two tools in one. Wedge and Gauge.
  • Pull or push for gap width adjustments.
  • Allows full line of sight during fit-up.
  • Unique hole allows fall protection lanyard and
    wedge extraction.
  • Landings can be measured quickly and accurately.
  • Can be used with a standard wedge or alone.

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