Tentacle Mirror Jumbo Package - Highly Adjustable Welding Mirror

$ 110.00

We developed the Tentacle Mirror because there was nothing available that met our needs for a high quality adjustable welding mirror.  Say goodbye to fighting to get your mirror to the perfect angle or struggling to get the magnet base to do what you want it to. 

Magnetic base is equipped with an on/off switch for easy attachment & disconnect & it has a coped base to allow it to easily be mounted on Flat plate or Tube/Pipe.  A quick twist of the adjustment knob lets you easily move the mirror to whatever position you want and another twist and it locks into place.  

The Mini is set up for standard 2x4 mirrors that are given out on almost any job site.  The Max is setup for a 5x5 mirror to give unparalleled viewing area...no more having someone hold a car mirror so you can try to see the back of a large pipe weld.  Additional 5x5 replacement mirrors are available should you need them.  Changing between mirror sizes is a snap with the quick disconnect we include 🔥.

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