$ 219.00

The Little Fitter is an improved tube & pipe-fitting clamp designed to allow for fast and easy fits while leaving more of the weld joint visible than anything else available on the market.  This makes for better fits and easier tacks.  Adjustable for tube & pipe from 1” to 3” and 4”-6” tube/pipe.  Ships with 1-1”-3” cable and 1- 4”-6” cable and it has a  3/8″ Socket fitting on the end so you can use your own ratchet. In the photos you’ll see a prototype and final product picture. The Little Fitter is made to be tightened hand tight with a ratchet is best used in conjunction with a baby come-along to help pull the tubes in place when they are in a bind then using The Little Fitter to do final alignment and weld. Tested with a husky and duralast ratchet before shipping.

The Little Fitter is made with a Billet Machined 6061-T6 Black Hard Anodized Aluminum Main Body and a Billet Machined Steel Head because it performs so much better with machined tolerances.  The cable is Stainless Steel & it ships with a carry bag.  We know it’s not cheap, but we also know that we’d rather have a good tool than a cheap tool any day!

Invented, designed, and assembled in the USA, the Little Fitter can help you take your welding game to a whole new level and make your life easier at the same time.  Buy one today and we’ll ship within 2 business days.

DISCLAIMER: The Little Fitter is designed to aid in fitting and is to be ratcheted hand tight with manual 3/8s ratchet. DO NOT USE with pneumatic or electric impact. Do not weld/attach anything on to get extra leverage such as cheater bar etc…. Little fitter is NOT designed to hold loads or act as a safety device of any sort.  Any safety critical clamping or rigging must be done separately with devices designed for such applications.  Use all proper PPE such as safety glasses, gloves,face shield, and etc… when using this product.

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