Outlaw Leather - Proliner - Floral Suede

SKU: OL-1901RF-101
$ 99.99
Introducing the floral suede pipeliner - a masterpiece of welding gear. Crafted with high-quality fiber glass, this welding hood guarantees exceptional durability and protection for every welding task. The unique feature of the pipeliner design includes cutting one inch off the top piece, providing improved visibility and comfort. Embrace the luxurious feel of genuine cowhide leather, adding an extra touch of elegance to your welding experience. Customize your hood with the option to add a flip front adapter, adding versatility to your work. Upgrade your welding gear now with the pipeliner, combining style, durability, and functionality for an unmatched welding experience.
Features and Benefits:
  • ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015
  • CSA Z94.3-15
  • Shell material, high Strength Nylon reinforced with glass fiber.
  • Flip-up and Fixed adapter made from 15%GFPA High Temperature.
  • Can be purchased with flip-up or non-flip up adapter.
  • Passive shade 10 lens.
  • Ratchet Headgear.
  • Filter size 2x4.25
  • ¼ filter slot opening to insert lens easily.
  • Total Hood height with leather 11.5
  • Genuine Cowhide.
  • Reinforced side Fasteners.
  • Assembled in the heart of Texas.
All leather hoods are made to order, please allow 10-15 business days before shipping.
    Color Hood:Black
    Style Hood:Flip-up
    Color Floral Suede:Red Floral

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